6 Months

I can not believe my baby girl is 6 months today! I know every mother says this but I seriously want time to slow down! It seems like she is learning to do something new everyday! She is such a happy baby and loves to laugh and smile! My favorite new little things she has started doing is shaking her head and blinking big when she is trying to fight sleep, hugging my neck, and making the "cute face" (sucking in her bottom lip and grinning)! Heart=Melted! She is rolling all over the place and really really wants to start crawling! AND the biggest milestone of the past month was sitting up! She can now sit up on her own with me close by to catch her when she occasionally topples over!

She weighs 14 lbs and is 26.3 in long! She has moved up to 15% in weight and is 70th percentile in height!

-Stomping in the wet sand and shallow waves at the beach
-Floating and splashing in the pool
-Me! She is in a mommy's girl phase and will cry and reach for me when other people hold her!
-Playing with water bottles
-Eating baby food! Her favorites are sweet potatoes, bananas, and pears 
-Throwing toys
-When daddy gets home from work! It is the cutest thing watching how excited she gets when he comes through the door!
-Jumping! She loves to jump on my lap while I'm holding her!
-Grabbing and chewing on everything


Monnie and Papa said...

These are the CUTEST pictures! Such a precious bundle of joy!

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