Nursery Styling

Can't believe I am just now getting around to blogging about this! About 7 months ago I had the opportunity to style a nursery for a photoshoot with the very talented Count it Joy Photography! We kept it neutral and simple to create the perfect background for some adorable 1 year pictures! 

Jamie was kind enough to left me use some of her beautiful images of the space to share on the blog!

Check out this nursery featured on La Petite Peach!

10 Months

Ivy is 10 months old! She is such a good baby and hardly ever cries! She goes to bed so easily and rarely cries when she wakes up. I realize this is such a blessing and I know it probably won't last but we are enjoying it for the moment! This past month she has started waving, working on her balance, eating more solid food, and is trying to say mama! Love my sweet girl!

Standing by the window and looking outside
Spinning around on the hardwood floor (silly girl)