Ivy's First Birthday Party

We had Ivy's 1st Birthday Party at our home on January 3rd. It was a couple of weeks after her actual birthday because we decided it was best to wait until after the busyness of the holidays. It was the most perfect day celebrating our sweet girl with our family and a few of our best friends. Everyone that came to the party had to travel long distances to be there and it meant so much to us!

Since we were having so many people over, we decided it was best to have the party mainly in our garage. Lucky for me the walls and ceiling are finished so all I had to do was cover the garage doors, water heater, and the garage door box thing. We cleaned the floors, added a couple rugs, and transformed the room with DIY party decor and it didn't even feel like a garage. It was very tempting to just leave it like that!

The party started at 11:00 so I thought it would be a good idea to serve brunch type food. Strawberry and donut hole kabobs, Chic-fil-a chicken minis, bacon kabobs, sausage balls, Fruit Loops, and more donut holes. For the cake we had chocolate chip iced bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes. These are seriously the most delicious cakes and they look adorable too!

Ivy LOVED being the center of attention and got so excited when everyone sang Happy Birthday to her! I will never forget how cute she looked waving, clapping, and bouncing! She wasn't a huge fan of the cake though. She touched the icing a little but she kept wanting me to clean her hands! Overall it was a perfect day!

Take a look at these photos from our super fun day taken by my sweet and talented sister, Anna Conn!