12 Months

So hard to believe that my precious Ivy is already a year old! She has brought so much joy, love, and beauty to our life! Ivy has the sweetest little personality and makes us laugh constantly! This has been the most wonderful year and I know life will just keep getting better with little miss Ivy Wren. 

Some milestones from the past month:
-Got her two top teeth
 -Took her first two steps all by herself
 -Said Mama for the first time

Ivy weighs 17 lbs 3 oz and is 29.5". That's 10th percentile is weight and 75th in height.
Books! She loves to turn the pages 
Music (of any kind)
Opening presents
Feeding her baby doll a bottle
"Loving the baby" (hugging her dolls)
Walking around with help from her push toys or holding on to furniture
Christmas trees (she loves to ooh and aww when she sees a pretty tree)
Waving at everyone!


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