9 Months

9 months already!!! Ivy Wren seriously gets more adorable every day! She is such a joy and we have so much fun playing and laughing with this sweet one! She is now a pro crawler and keeps me busy from the moment she wakes up to the minute she goes to sleep and I am loving every second!
Pointing at things
Music (doesn't matter what it is, if she hears music she stops what she is doing and waves her hands)
Dogs and cats (she gets so excited when she sees animals)
Taking a bath (this girl LOVES to splash)
Crawling everywhere
Climbing stairs (with me right behind her of course) 
Laughing and squealing
Clapping (pretty much the cutest thing ever)
Dancing around living room with mommy

Having her diaper changed (it amazes me how strong she is)
Having her hair washed (it's a struggle)

It's definitely getting a lot harder to take these monthly pictures!


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