7 Months

Sweet Ivy is 7 months old today! These have been the fastest most wonderful 7 months ever! She is in such a fun stage and has a lot of fun sitting up and playing. She has the cutest personality and adorable little (loud) voice. I'm thinking she is getting close to being able to pull up on things and crawl, and I think she could have a tooth any day. Right now she is figuring out how to scoot where she wants to go, but she is really only good at going backwards. We are having so much fun with our beautiful baby girl and I am soaking up and cherishing every day with her.
-Sitting up
-Chewing on everything (especially my face)
-"Talking" (dadas and yayas)
-Swinging (She laughs and squeals)
-Playing in her baby pool in the yard
-Bath time (no more baby tub, she sits up like a big girl now and plays with her rubber ducky)
-Popsicles (I don't let her have these but ever since I gave her a taste we can't eat them around her, oops)


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