Ivy's First Easter

Ivy had a great (and busy) first Easter! We traveled to Alabaster and took her to church then we traveled to Talladega to visit my mom's family. It was a whirlwind trip but we had a great time! Sweet girl even racked up on Easter baskets! Each set of grandparents gave her a basket and she got one from us too! She loves her Jellycat bunny (seriously the softest stuffed animal). 

 So I am pretty much obsessed with her Easter outfit! The dress was made by Jake's great aunt! It is beautifully made and I love all the little details. The navy blue dotted bonnet was made by me and I love how it turned out! I was so relieved that it fit her so well and that it actually didn't bother her.

 Love these family pictures!

 She is one loved baby!

Thanks to my sister Anna for taking these pictures!


Monnie and Papa said...

Those are the most PRECIOUS pictures I have seen! Love every one!

benilhalk said...

Adorable little one! Pictures are mind blowing enough. My friend is thinking to celebrate her daughter's birthday soon. Wills share this post with her for some ideas. Although one of the frolic event space NYC is in her mind for the lovely evening. Will help her in making invites and some DIY décor also. Visiting to kids emporium for shopping is also for sure.

zojdmraakl said...

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